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Enterprise-Grade Monero Wallet.

Convenient. Secure. Non-custodial.

Recovery Key

You keep it offline.

User Key

Only ever decrypted in your browser.


We have this one.


Unique combination of convenience and security

The convenience of an online wallet with the safety of a non-custodial wallet:

  • enable 2fa;
  • get notifications;
  • access your wallet(including your transaction notes) on multiple devices;
Other wallets can offer these features, but only by taking custody of your money.
RINO uses multisig to give you the best of both worlds.
Keep your independence

You don't have to trust us - we don't have custody of your money.

We use reproducible builds to guarantee that we really do what we promise.

2FA control

With RINO, even if someone spies on your password, they still can't get your money, because you are protected with 2FA on your phone.

Getting started


Register an account, confirm your email address, and log in.


Create a wallet. Remember to store your wallet recovery document safely!


Receive some money to your RINO wallet - just like a normal wallet!


Enable 2FA on your account for even better security.

That's it! There is no Step 5 🙂 Check out the FAQ for more details.